Following the success of Hungry Shark Evolution, one of the newest games introduced by Ubisoft and FGOL is its sequel Hungry Shark World. No wonder that millions of players have already joined this to explore its newest fonts and things that are introduced. I too am playing this game for quite some time now and am extremely familiar with the setup. However, at the same time, I too have come across quite a few interesting additions to the game which I am going to share. My shark has grown from a pup to one of the largest and strongest of sharks. Because i have tried hungry shark evolution hack. An external application offered by my friend and it was amazing.

One of the exciting additions to the game is that this game has added seventeen new species of shark that I have eventually collected and grown throughout my gameplay. Each shark comes with its unique features like strengths and unique style providing me unique benefits in game. When I have started using Hammerhead shark to play my sessions, I have found that is it designed to be accustomed. Similarly, I also have quite surprised with super speed of Mako shark and not to forget the gigantism of Great White Shark. The set-up is also quite great, and frankly, I am quite impressed with what they have done with it. The sharks are intense and noticing how they bite has made me even a bigger fan of this game.


Being a player I have lot more to do in the game, than what I did in its previous versions. The designing of gameplay is also done quite beautifully making it an entertaining play for every player. There are all sorts of missions you will find in the game. Some are short with loads of activity while for other I have worked quite hard to reach the goal. For some it had taken me days to complete it. Another important thing that I have noticed in the game is there are more chances of loot and collecting bonuses in game than in its previous versions.

The high ranking enemies have also inspired me to do better in the game and extend survival time of my shark. But as I was unwilling to give up that is why even after several takes I finally have achieved goal in the game. I have munched along many slow swimmers and flying birds that gave me some extra points. To talk about the new staff in the game, apart from new shark species, I have also got three new maps to explore. Moreover, my Sharks also got new pets to assists it in the rampages.

I have got a cute octopus named Kraken as soon as I started to play the game. This proved to be quite helpful to me. Apart from that, I have also won a killer whale as a part of daily contest. I have also bought many accessories for my shark and go on decorating my shark with it. This game is great when it comes to collecting as many cash I want. There are no limited lives or time limits. And the best part is that I can jump right back into water whenever I want to.